Many entrepreneurs looking to own a business start by franchising – opening their own store that is part of a licensed, existing brand. It lets them learn about running the business while starting out on an already-existing, already-proven platform. As a great example, 5.11 Tactical offers franchising opportunities for its successful line of products.

What is 5.11 Tactical?

5.11 Tactical, based out of California, is a clothes and uniform company that produces tactical clothing and gear for military, law enforcement, public safety and consumer markets. The company originally sold high-quality specialized clothing and gear for rock climbing and other sports and expanded into additional markets as the company grew. 5.11 Tactical offers opportunities for dealers as well as franchise owners.

5.11 Dealer Requirements

5.11 Tactical is proactive about the types of behavior they expect from 5.11 wholesale stores, suppliers, producers and vendors. Their code of conduct addresses a number of their expectations, from rules on child labor and discrimination to expectations about the environmental impact of products and processes. They clearly expect best business practices, fair treatment and responsible operations of anything related to their name and brand. When looking to become a dealer or open a franchise, it’s important to ensure high-quality adherence to these kinds of expectations to make a proposal seem more attractive.

Starting a 5.11 Franchise

Interested parties can use the Contact Us page on the 5.11 Tactical website as an opening. Some personal information is required, and "Sales" should be selected as the department in question. Use a standard, straightforward subject line like “Franchise Information,” “Dealer Request” or “Vendor Interest” to ensure your message isn’t viewed as spam and ignored. Submit a brief, friendly, professional note regarding interest; this note doesn’t have to be “catchy” or “flashy” – instead, it should be straightforward and practical.

Following this submission, a representative from the sales department should be in touch by phone or email to discuss the proposition. If not, there are numbers and email addresses available on the website where you can inquire about additional information or contacts.

Verify You Meet the Criteria

Franchise owners traditionally publish information identifying the scope and requirements for franchising their brand. Individuals interested in franchising opportunities should review all of the posted requirements.

The franchise owners will look for previous business experience, management skills, a market profile tailored to the area where the franchise will be located, financial projections and other information on why their particular brand would be a good fit for the potential franchisee and their team. They’ll be interested in the financing available for the franchisee and the biggest risks facing a franchise expansion. Be sure to be prepared with a good business plan when contacted by the sales department; they may ask for the submission of this by email for review before a phone or in-person discussion.

Preparing for Your Call

Potential dealers of 5.11 Tactical goods should have a package prepared that describes their business, the other goods and products the business sells, a market profile for the store’s location and other potentially beneficial information, such as how long the business has been in service and how experienced the management team is. Once the sales department reviews this package, they'll be in touch with an application for the company’s internal review.

Franchise options don’t just come from fast food or local restaurants; many entrepreneurs looking to start a business can look at high-quality goods producers like 5.11 Tactical to see whether there’s a fit for their local market or locally known stores.