How to Hang a Neon Window Sign

Neon signs are a good way to let your customers see you are open or to advertise a new product. They are bright and can catch the eye in all hours of the day or night. One of the best places to hang a neon sign is in your front window. Hanging a neon sign in a window is a bit more difficult than hanging it on a wall, but it can be done with some patience.

Decide where you want the sign to hang. Directly above this location, drill two holes slightly smaller than the width of your sign.

Screw the hooks into these holes. Make sure that the hooks are screwed in tightly and don't fall out easily.

Hang one length of chain on each of the screws. Make sure the chains hang down the same length. Attach one carabiner to the end of each chain.

Attach the neon sign to the carabiners. The carabiners should attach to the sign in locations, which are evenly spaced from the edges. Most likely there will places to attach the chain to the sign backing,

Screw the carabiners shut. Make sure they are closed tightly.


  • When hanging a neon sign, it is important to hang in inside the building. If you hang the sign outside, you may damage it.


  • If there is no place to mount the chain on the sign, you may need to drill holes in the backing. Be careful not to drill through any of the electrical work on the sign.


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