How to Make Fillable Forms

Some businesses use fillable forms to send to their business contacts through email. The receiver will just open the attached document and fill in his information. When done, he can just send it back as an email attachment, or save, print and mail it to the sender. Fillable forms are fast, cost-effective and convenient.

Go to “File” and click on the “New” link to open a new document. Select “Tools” and “Customize” links. Find and choose “Forms” under “Toolbars” tab using the arrow signs. The Forms toolbar will be opened up, then click “Close.”

Create the heading for your document. Type the field name needed, such as “Name.” Click the tool button for “Text Form Field.” Right click and go to “Properties.” Use the drop down menu for each field you want to customize. When done, click “OK.”

Use the “Check Box Form Field” button to create a check box after a question. Type the words “Yes” and “No” next to each check box.

Go to “Drop-Down Form Field” in order to provide a drop-down option. Right click and go to “Properties.” Input each drop-down item needed on the space provided under “Drop-down Items,” then click “Add.” Use the arrows to arrange the drop-down items you created. When finished, click “OK.”

Save your document on your computer by clicking the floppy disk image. Protect it by clicking on the “Tools” and “Protect Document” buttons.

Set some restrictions for the user of your created fillable form. Go to “2. Editing restrictions” section. Check the box that says, “Allow only this type of editing in the document.” Select the “Filling in forms” option from the drop-down bar, and click “Yes, Start Enforcing Protection.” A small box will pop up asking you to enter a password, and click “OK.” Go to “X” button next to “Protect Document.” You are done making a fillable form.