How to Get a UPS Mailbox

by Nick Davis; Updated September 26, 2017

UPS is a shipping company that offers a variety of services, including mailboxes for individuals and businesses. The mailboxes are available at UPS Stores around the United States. A UPS mailbox is ideal if you don't want to or can't receive postal mail at your home or business address. Obtaining a UPS mailbox is not difficult--you just need to provide two forms of identification and complete a simple application.

Items you will need

  • State-issued identification card or driver's license
  • Another form of identification such as a credit card or passport
  • Business license information
Step 1

Gather your two valid forms of identification. One form of identification must be a picture identification card like a driver's license or state-issued identification card. The other can be a credit card, passport or college/work identification card.

Step 2

Visit a UPS Store. Note the location, as this is where your UPS mailbox will be located.

Step 3

Tell the clerk you want to obtain a UPS mailbox.

Step 4

Complete the mailbox service agreement form.

Step 5

Provide the two forms of identification and any business documents requested, if you are obtaining a mailbox for your business, to the UPS Store clerk. He will process the application and inform you of the mailbox fee; UPS Store locations are individually owned and operated and prices vary.

Step 6

Pay the fee for the UPS mailbox. The clerk will provide you with a key to your mailbox and inform you of any rules and regulations.

Step 7

Inquire about having your mail forwarded to your UPS mailbox. The clerk may be able to contact the post office about having your mail sent to your UPS Store mailbox.

Step 8

Start using your UPS mailbox by contacting friends, family and any magazine subscription services and informing them of your new mailing address.


  • Write or type your new mailing address on a 3-by-5-inch card so you don't forget it. Carry the card in your purse or wallet.

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