UPS provides a mailbox rental service for small businesses that need a private and monitored location to receive letters and packages. You may find a UPS mailbox attractive if you run your business out of your home or are not often present to receive packages. Getting a UPS mailbox involves going to your local UPS Store to fill out paperwork, show identification and pay fees. When signing up for your mailbox, you can choose from a variety of sizes and even request 24-hour access to pick up your business mail conveniently.

What UPS Mailboxes Offer Businesses

UPS targets its mailbox service toward small businesses that need a convenient way to receive mail and would also benefit from a physical delivery address. If your small business operates out of your home, you can rent a mailbox with a street address from UPS and use that location as your professional business address. This private mailbox option also provides the convenience of having all your company mail dropped off at one location that you can conveniently access, even if you are not present to personally sign for deliveries.

Obtaining a UPS Mailbox

To get your UPS mailbox, you must visit the UPS Store where you want your mailbox set up. In addition to just walking in during regular UPS Store hours to speak to a sales clerk, you can request an appointment for UPS mailbox setup through the UPS Store website.

Since mailbox sizes, rental agreement terms and costs vary by location, you will discuss your options with the clerk before you complete a mailbox rental agreement form. You will present two forms of identification to the clerk, and at least one of these must be a driver's license, state identification card or other form of photo identification. You will also pay fees associated with setting up the mailbox and beginning your first month of service.

After you fill out all agreements and show identification, you will receive your mailbox key. You can then start receiving mail at your mailbox address. If you need someone else at your business to have access to the mailbox, you can sign an authorization agreement at any time, or you can share your key.

Benefits of UPS Mailboxes

Having a UPS mailbox can particularly benefit small businesses that want increased privacy and wish to separate personal and business mail. Your business can also benefit from increased security since all your letters and packages are held at a monitored location, and UPS offers notification of package receipt so you can more easily monitor your mail. In addition, even though you rent the mailbox through UPS, you are still able to receive mail from USPS, FedEx and other carriers, unlike a USPS post office box.

Downsides of UPS Mailboxes

While getting a UPS mailbox offers benefits, you also have to consider the costs and possible inconveniences involved. UPS charges for its mailboxes based on location and mailbox size, so you may end up paying a high fee if you need a large mailbox to fit your needs. Additional costs for your mailbox key and setup also apply. If you do not have a UPS Store location near you, then you may also find it inconvenient to travel to pick up your mail often. In addition, if you need to pick up mail outside the operating hours, you need to check if your local UPS Store offers 24-hour access and pay an additional fee for a 24-hour access key fob.

Consider Alternative Private Mailboxes

Common alternatives to a UPS mailbox include a USPS PO box and other private mailbox locations. A USPS PO box offers the same security benefits but limits you to receiving only regular USPS mail. Furthermore, you cannot get a USPS PO box with a street address, so this may not fit businesses that want to use the mailbox as a physical address. You can find alternative private mailbox services at shipping and packing centers around your neighborhood. Like UPS, chains such as Parcel Plus usually give you a physical mailing address and the ability to receive mail through multiple carriers.