How to Advertise Your Direct Sales Business on a Budget

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If you just joined a direct sales company (aka home party plan) you will most likely be on a tight advertising budget until you start bringing in a steady income. .If you want to get the word out about your new direct sales business without spending too much money there are plenty of creative ways to do so while staying within your advertising budget.

Utilize free bulletin boards. Many grocery stores, hair salons, gift shops and other small businesses offer bulletin boards that allow you to post flyers promoting your direct sales business.

Gather customer leads with a giveaway. The same businesses that allow bulletin board advertising may be willing to give you counter space to place a box along with pencils and a small survey to fill out for a chance to win a prize. Customers fill out the form with their name and phone number and check off questions about whether they would like to have a party, place an order or be placed on your mailing list. For a prize offer something from your product line that you can get at a discount. With most direct sales companies you have to purchase a demo kit when you join so chances are you have something nice on hand that you can offer as a prize and replace later.

Hand out business Cards. Business cards are a great way to not only get your name out but to establish yourself as a serious business owner and you don't have to spend a fortune getting business cards made. Check out the resource section for a good source of free business cards and accessories (just pay shipping).

Business card magnets are another good option since most women will place them on their refrigerator, which is a great reminder of what you have to offer.

Spread the word at mom groups. Whether you are involved in a homeschool group, mommy and me group or some other group that meets on a regular basis, often times these groups are looking for fundraisers. Since many direct sales companies offer fundraising programs you can take this opportunity to share this information with the group. Don't worry about coming off pushy. Just hand out catalogs and flyers along with your business card. In addition to fundraisers list everything on the flyer that you have to offer such as home parties, book parties, fundraisers, personal appointments, etc. Be sure to list on your flyer any specials going on that month.

Catalogs are an expense for most, if not all direct sales companies. Some companies have less expensive options such as mini catalogs listing new items and current specials.. Use these to promote your business and save your full size catalogs for serious inquiries only. If your company doesn't offer mini catalogs you can still hand out flyers along with your business card.


  • If you hand out catalogs be sure that your name and contact information is stamped on each one.


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