How to Make Money on Bing

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017

Bing is currently one of the big search engines right now. It's under Microsoft so you would expect it to be big. It's changing the way search engines work and it's making a lot of noise.

There are a lot of discussion about Bing right now, so if you are an internet marketer or if you have a business you will need to find how you can leverage the Bing mania.

If you have a product, service or if you are an affiliate marketer use Bing's AdCenter. This is the same as Google Adwords. You can signup as a member pay a 5 dollar fee, which you can use on your campaigns later. Since the AdCenter is new it's better to get in now and do your campaigns, before all the competitions are in and for sure that will not be long.

Write Articles About Bing. Since there are many people that are looking for information about Bing it will be good to write articles about it and your articles will get a lot of page views.

Bing cashback, you can use Bing Cashback by Shopping on Bing and you will see which products are eligible on Bing's CashBack and they will email you the savings and information after you made a purchase

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