It is possible to earn additional income through people downloading files you share, whether it is some wallpaper pictures you created or an eBook you wrote. A company called UpLoading will pay you whenever someone downloads one of your files. Simply follow several steps and you will soon begin to derive income from your online creativity in your spare time.

Create some files you would like to share and have people download. These can be anything from desktop wallpaper you created to maybe an eBook you have written.

Create an UpLoading account (see Resources). Click the link and input your information into the sign-up page.

Upload some of your files once your account is established. Simply click the "Upload file" link on your user page and select the file you would like to upload. Again, this can be anything you would like.

Copy the link you will receive once you have uploaded your file. Go to your favorite message board and share the file with your friends. For every 1,000 downloads, you will receive $10 directly into your PayPal account. It doesn't take long to reach 1,000 downloads — sometimes as little as an hour. This is because people will want to share a link, often causing the traffic to your download page to spiral, bringing you money from just one file for a long time.

Request a payout as soon as your account reaches $30. You will receive your money usually within 24 hours directly into your PayPal account. This is a great opportunity to make extra money and supplement your online income with very little work.