How to Open a Post Office Account

Opening a post office account can be beneficial if you run a business, operate a business from home or receive a great deal of mail. Mail is delivered directly to boxes of different sizes at your local post office, instead of your house or street mailbox. You can access the box with a key when the post office lobby is open. A post office account is given on a first-come, first-served basis. You can renew the account every six months or annually with a new fee.

Decide what size box you will need. The more mail you anticipate, the larger the box you will need.

Take the following items with you to the post office: current driver’s license or state identification card, one piece of business mail from your current residence, such as a utility bill, and cash or credit card to pay for your new post office account.

Tell the postal clerk you wish to open a post office account and post office box. You will be given a paper form to fill in. This form is only available from your clerk.

Give the postal clerk the completed form and your proof of identification and residency. The postal clerk will open your post office account. You will be required to sign a signature card.

Get the key to the postal box from the clerk.


  • A small post office box is normally adequate for individuals. It’s best to get an extra key to your post office box in case one gets lost.


  • Most post offices will not accept a personal check. Be certain your credit card is signed on the back prior to using it at the post office, or they will decline usage.