How to Collect Email Addresses

Learning how to collect e-mail addresses can be an important strategy for establishing marketing leads for a business. A good list of contacts is essential for an effective e-mail marketing campaign. That is an effective way to keep businesses aware of the products and services you provide. There are several ways to collect e-mail addresses.

Use pop ups on your website. Although pop ups are bit overused, they can still be a good way to collect e-mail addresses from visitors to your website. The pop up can happen as soon as visitors land on your site or as soon as they attempt to leave. Both are equally effective ways of getting the information you need.

Add a subscriber box. Offer visitors to your website something of value, like a report or newsletter, if they subscribe. Then add an e-mail subscriber box. Providing e-mail reports and newsletters will increase the number of sign ups.

Create an e-mail contact form. When visitors want to contact you from more information, an e-mail contact form requiring an e-mail address, as well as other important information, is another way to gather the information you need.

Advertise your autoresponder address. Whenever you advertise or market your product or service, use an auto responder e-mail address to collect e-mail addresses. It's a great way of making sure you are getting information from people who are really interested in what you have to offer.

Send postcards by snail mail. You can get e-mail contact information from your offline audience if you know how to get their attention. Send postcards offering an appealing incentive for those who send them back to you with the information you request.