When you create an editable form in Microsoft Word you allow users to enter information on the form electronically. A form is best laid out in tables and then populated with form fields -- the cells users will populate -- and field names, or the titles for the form fields.

Step 1.

Create a new document. First click the "Office" button, then select "New" and "Blank Document".

Step 2.

Insert a table. Choose "Insert" and "Table", then select the number of columns and rows you want to include.

Step 3.

Enter the title for each cell that needs to be completed in the cell above or to the left of the cell that the user will enter a response in.

Step 4.

Insert form controls in the blank form fields. Click the "Developer" tab, then click Design Mode on the ribbon. Click into the blank cell you want to add the control to. Choose the appropriate field type from the controls box, such as text, date, or pre-populated drop-down list, and click to add it to the blank cell.

Step 5.

Add titles and formatting to the document.


It's easier to do the overall formatting of the form document, such as titles and borders, once your table of form fields is complete. This way, you don't have to go back and readjust them after the table has been resized.

If you want to lock a field so that it can't be deleted by the user, right-click the field control, select "Properties", and click "Content control cannot be deleted."


These instructions are applicable to Word 2007 and later versions. In previous versions of Word, the steps are the same, but the menus are laid out differently so the form controls will not be in the same location on the menu bar.