Symbol scanners are barcode scanners used in conjunction with a POS system. Symbol scanners are lightweight and handheld scanners used in numerous different settings, including retail stores, warehouses and hospitals. In order to start using a Symbol scanner, you must know the procedure to program a Symbol scanner. Prior to programming a Symbol scanner, you will need to have the Symbol scanner handy as well as the user manual.

Install the software included with the Symbol scanner on your PC. You will need to ensure that your PC has an appropriate connection in order to program the Symbol scanner. Accepted connections include USB cable, RS-232 cord and IBM 46XX.

Connect the appropriate cable to your Symbol scanner. One end will plug into the base of the scanner while the other end will plug into your PC. The power light should go on once the connection is made.

Scan one of the bar codes provided by Symbol with your user manual. If you don’t happen to have the manual handy, you can download a copy from the manufacturer Motorola’s website. The bar code that you scan will depend on the type of cord connection you are using.

Go to the options section of the Symbol scanner user manual. You will see different bar codes that you can scan to further program the device. You can change the beeper tone, volume, power mode and time between decodes.

Use the Symbol scanner to scan and manage your inventory through your PC. Once you scan bar codes and then connect the scanner to your PC, the software allows you to sync the information about your inventory.


Remember to level the laser of the Symbol scanner across the center of the bar code in order to permit an accurate reading.