Vending machines are a great way to earn money. If you are able to place a vending machine in a location that has plenty of traffic, the money will start flowing in and all you need to do is to program the vending machines so that the machine knows what items are stocked and how much each item costs. You will need to order inventory and restock the machine at planned intervals.

Program the vending machine’s actual software from scratch using Java. You will need to define the class for all of the products that are sold, the fields that must be met for each product to be dispensed, and the conditionals and loop fields to enable the customers to navigate their way through the menu. Include local variables allowing for refunding money and for exiting the vending machine program in case the buyer changes his mind. You will need to use either Java or C++ programming if you want to make your own code.

Program the vending machine’s default program even if you don’t have C++ or Java coding skills. Open the internal service door using the key provided with the machine. Once the machine door is open, you will be able to program the vending machine. Some machines have programming displays behind the machine door, while others allow you to make the necessary programming changes using the main screen. You need to open the door so that the vending machine recognizes you as an administrator permitted to make programming changes.

Withdraw cash by making selections and changes in your vending machine program using the three scroll keys. The up and down arrows allow you to scroll through selections, while the center button allows you to confirm the selection. One action you will need to take is to withdraw the cash. To do this, you need to select the cash mode that will allow you to withdraw the cash that the machine has earned.

Set your desired prices by selecting the price mode. Once in the price mode, you can input the items that will be sold in the vending machine, as well as their quantity. You can update the stock list, so that items no longer stocked are removed and replaced with new items. If all products have the same price, select the multiple pricing function. If the products have different prices, choose the individual pricing button. Use the up and down keys to increase or decrease the price.

Check the machine for errors. In error mode, the machine will display each machine function that is not functioning. You can ask a technician to repair the machine for you or you can use the manual to make necessary repairs.