A binding machine attaches documents together into a book. Generally most people are cutting 8½-by-11-inch paper. Your measurement is based on how large of a margin you would like the binding comb to sit in.

Things You Will Need
  • Binding machine with foot pedal

  • Binding combs

  • Document paper

  • Plastic cover

Step 1.

Turn on the machine. Once the machine is running, place the comb on the top of the teeth. Choose your binding comb size based on how large the document is in terms of length and width. The combs come in sizes ranging from 1/8 inch to 5 inches.

Step 2.

Place the binding comb (teeth up) onto the teeth opener at the top and turn the crank toward you to open the comb. This will hold it in an open position so you can place the cut paper into the comb while you are cutting the rest of the sheets.

Step 3.

Place the paper into the cutting slot, flush to the left side of the ruler. Line it up properly and use the foot pedal to press down. The electronic cutter will come down and punch holes into the paper.

Step 4.

Line up the holes against the binder comb and push onto the comb. Repeat this step until your document is completed and whole. Then crank the binding comb closed and pull the document off the machine.


First cut the plastic cover sheet. Have the sheet turned the correct way in the cutter. Be precise when lining the paper in the cutter, otherwise it will cut crooked.


Be careful where you put your fingers. They could get caught in the binding comb teeth or in the cutter.