How to Advertise Your Taxi Business

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Your taxi business is up and running but now you need to promote your service through creative advertising. There are several ways to effectively market your company without breaking the bank.

Create attention-grabbing flyers. Design a logo for your taxi service or have a graphic designer create one for you. On the flyer, note any special rates you may offer, such as senior or student fee discounts. The flyer is the "hook" - what draws in a potential customer. Mention competitive rates, flat fees to and from an airport, etc. Be cautious, however, not to overload the flyer with too much information that is going to overwhelm the person reading it. Keep it simple and use it to advertise your most attractive discounts or fees.

Display flyers or a poster in places frequented by people who may be in need of your taxi service. This includes grocery stores, pharmacies, colleges, medical offices, social service agencies, senior centers, elderly housing complexes, etc. If you are posting a flyer or poster in a business or medical office, ask permission before doing so. Check with the locations regularly to see if flyers need to be replenished or replaced.

Offer a frequent traveler card. Keep customers calling by printing frequent traveler cards. The card will be used to provide one free ride after a certain number, such as ten, for example. Customers will have the incentive to continue to use your taxi service in the effort to receive the free ride.

Utilize print advertising in local papers. While advertising in your local daily paper may exceed your budget, consider ads in weekly publications or monthly publications. Place classified ads for your taxi service if a traditional ad is still out of reach financially. Include your taxi service in your local telephone directory.

Advertise your service on the side of your van, car or SUV. Have your vehicle custom-painted with your company logo and contact information, which will catch the eye of potential customers. If this is out of your budget, consider having a magnet created featuring the same information, which you can attach to your car door.


  • To keep costs down, design your own logo and flyer Post flyers or posters in places frequented by people who may use public transportation Offer senior and student discounts or flat fees to airports or train stations Be familiar with specials or discounts your competitors are offering


  • If you are lacking creative skills or not familiar with certain software, have someone design a logo and flyer for your taxi business Don't ignore holidays - they can be your busiest time for business, especially New Year's Eve