A tractor, no matter what size or model, is generally a sound investment. Popular models include John Deere, Massey Ferguson, New Holland and Kubota. Not only can they perform tasks that are difficult or impossible by hand, they can also easily make someone money. There are several ways to make money with a tractor. It helps to live in a general location in which a tractor can be used, including a geographical area where there is a demand for outdoor work. Advertising is key when trying to make money with a tractor. Although it can be done inexpensively, the right advertising will help draw in the appropriate clients.

Things You Will Need
  • Garden tractor with attachments, such as a mower deck, cultivator or front bucket, front plow

  • Licensed and insured truck with a flat-bed trailer for transporting tractor (optional)

  • Auto, tractor and personal liability insurance

  • Appointment book or calendar

Step 1.

Determine which type of tasks and jobs can be completed with the tractor. Browse through the help wanted section of a newspaper or other classified resource to determine what the need is in the surrounding areas for tractor work.

Step 2.

Make sure all equipment is insured before starting a job. Take out additional insurance, if needed, to provide individual insurance in case there is an accident.

Step 3.

Create fliers for the business. State what prices will be charged for the services offered. Another option would be to provide a free cost analysis for each job. This will allow for proper pricing adjustments as opposed to one flat rate. Place fliers locally, and advertise in locations where there is heavy traffic, such as grocery stores, doctor's offices and schools. Always seek permission first.

Step 4.

Make money by completing tasks such as plowing driveways after a snowstorm, grating driveways, tilling vegetable and flower gardens, mowing grass, digging holes, pulling out roots and bushes, cultivating yards for grass seeding, and landscaping and transporting cement, rock or other large items. Seasonal events, such as garden harvesting and hayrides, can be ways to make additional money. Bill customers and collect money after each job. Be sure to figure taxes, gas, material costs and overall maintenance into the final cost.


Farm equipment can be very expensive. Go to farm equipment auctions or used-implement lots to find a reliable used tractor and accessories. Keep farm implement equipment in good condition by performing routine maintenance. Build a clientele through word-of-mouth advertising. Offer clients a discount for ongoing jobs, such as mowing and snow plowing. Offer a discount on their next job if they refer you to someone else who does business with you.


Collect money before doing work with non-established clients; otherwise, they may not pay promptly. Use safety measures when operating farm machinery and heavy equipment.