Packaging plays a large role in whether your product is purchased. It needs to stand out from your competitors' products and entice consumers to make a purchase. Before you roll out a new product, you need to decide a great way to package that new product so that it is eye catching and exciting. While consumers judge a book by its cover, they also judge a product by its packaging. There are plenty of ways that you can package your new product so that it stands out and is appealing.

Step 1.

Go green. Green or reusable packaging materials are especially appealing to our environmentally conscious society. Choosing to package your new product in materials that can be repurposed can give you an extra edge against your competitors.

Step 2.

Add something extra to your packaging that will make it stand out as new and exciting. Even something as simple as a ribbon around a jar may make it more noticeable among shelves of other products.

Step 3.

Package your product to market to a specific target. For instance, a new product just for babies might be best when packaged in something softer with more subdued colors. A new product just to be used by men might be more eye-catching when dark colors and rugged packaging is used.

Step 4.

Use packaging that is convenient. Consumers may be more likely to purchase a product that is easy to open or reseal. Time is money, so if you streamline your packaging to be easy to use, you may find increased sales.

Step 5.

Try packaging that is completely different from your market competitors. Go to a store that carries competitors' products and take notes on what their packaging looks like. Use colors, textures and packaging that is completely different, therefore making your new product stand out.

Step 6.

Be informational. The more a consumer can learn about your product just by looking at its packaging the more apt they are to buy it. Information helps consumers to make effective decisions. Instructions on how to use a product or ingredients are all things that should be included on the packaging.