Packaging your merchandise isn't just a way to ready it for transportation, shelving and display. It's also a way to draw attention to your product, explain its benefits, engage potential customers and close the sale. This is accomplished through visual, tactile and written messaging marketing elements.

Label Design

While packaging labels are often selected based on price and practicality, creative design can serve as a promotional tool for your product. Compare package labeling of similar items in the marketplace and develop a design that stands out from the crowd. For example, if the majority of your competitors use a round panel, go with square or a diamond shape. If they use flat labels, use raised or texturized labels with an embossed metallic border or other feature that makes it more noticeable.

Color and Graphics

Product labels should be eye-catching. The branding colors you use to differentiate yourself in the marketplace should be distinctly different from those of your competition and should be large enough and bold enough to catch consumers’ eyes. Use labels with large typeface so your product is easy to identify. Avoid thin or flowery script that can be difficult to read or that gets lost in the crowd. The main product name should be the focus of the label that you use on the front of your package, and marketing copy should be on the back.

Compelling Verbiage

The verbiage you use in writing copy for your package labels and guarantees should emphasize your brand, tell consumers what your unique selling proposition is and explain why your product is superior. Depending on your product, this may mean emphasizing a specialized manufacturing process, country of origin, notable ingredients, performance levels or differentiation from similar merchandise. Different ingredients, new features or a new size are all examples of things to emphasize.

Branding Through Guarantees

Guarantees that promise money back or complete satisfaction, as well as other corporate claims should reinforce your company's philosophy as well as enhance buyers’ confidence in your product. Claims should be verifiable and provide directives on how to contact the company if the product fails to live up to the claims. This approach demonstrates the company stands behind its products and is focused on customer service and satisfaction.

Changing Labels

A complete revamp of your labels and guarantees should draw attention -- at least initially -- to the new look. This lets customers know the product is still the familiar brand they’re looking for, even though the package looks different. For example, “More product -- same price!” or, “Now with a new re-sealable top to ensure freshness!”