Make your own parking signs for parties and events or for your home business and save yourself money. The cost of making your own signs is minimal. You can easily design your parking signs to match certain themes, and you can make them as large as you like.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Graphics software

Step 1.

Open a new document in your graphics software. Set the size to what you need it to be. A good-sized sign should be at least 13 inches by 10 inches or 16 inches by 14 inches. Generally you want a parking sign to be quite large so it is visible to drivers.

Step 2.

Add text using the text tool. You may want to use words such as PARK HERE or PARKING. Make the text bold and large enough to fill the document.

Step 3.

Add a border using the shape tool. This will help draw drivers to the sign.

Step 4.

Upload to a copy-and-print center such as Staples (see Resources) or take it to your local store to be printed. Have the sign printed on poster board laminated.