How to Start a Mobile Spa Business

by Nicki Howell; Updated September 26, 2017

Starting a mobile spa business allows you to provide a variety of services including massages, manicures and hair removal services in a location convenient to the client. Individuals that start this type of business can capitalize on underserved niches, such as providing spa services at birthday parties or bridal showers. But before launching your mobile spa business, it’s important to have a plan. Here’s a guide to starting a mobile spa business.

Determine what services you want to offer. Mobile spa businesses offer a variety of services including massages, manicures, pedicures, facials and hair removal. Determine what types of services you’ll offer clients.

Identify your target market. Mobile spa businesses serve a variety of customers, including corporate clients and consumers throwing spa parties (for bridal showers or birthdays). Determine who your competition would be and identify a market that is underserved.

Get the required licenses from your city and state agencies. Every state has different laws about licensure for individuals providing spa services. For example, massage therapists may need to seek licensure from the state department of health. To find out your city’s local requirements, visit the licensing section of your state’s home page. Also, make sure to secure a business license, which can be obtained at your city hall department.

Create marketing materials. When prospecting business, it’s important to have a basic brochure that includes the services you offer, prices and contact information for reservations. If you don’t have a large budget, visit a local print shop and ask to review its brochure templates. Designing your brochure using a stock template is cheaper than hiring a graphic designer.

Market spa services to your target demographic. Once you have created marketing materials, it’s time to generate clients. For example, if you’re targeting the wedding industry, rent a booth at your local wedding show and network with wedding consultants and vendors in the area. Also, consider offering a new client discount of 20 percent to encourage new clients to try your services.


  • If you need start-up funds for your mobile spa, visit the Small Business Administration’s website (see Resources). It has funding resources for new businesses.

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