How to Make Money at the Beach This Summer

by Contributor ; Updated September 26, 2017
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Competition for employment at or near beaches is fierce — even in the off season. In summer, the season that for many people is defined by time spent at the beach, the chances of finding an ocean-side job that will fund your stay there diminish radically. Still, an enterprising individual may find many ways to make money while at the beach. A few suggestions follow. Keep in mind that most or all of these will likely require a vendor's license. Fees vary, but they can be quite expensive.

Woman hand with a water bottle on the beach

Sell bottled water. Purchase water by the case and sell it by the bottle.

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Sell sun block, a necessity for every beach-goer. Purchase a stock of trial-size sunscreen and sell it for a profit.

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Collect and recycle bottles and cans. You don't have to take a trash bag and walk around looking for bottles and cans. Instead, bring a large box, lined with a trash bag. Put a sign on your box that says "Please Recycle!"

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Gather shells and sell them online for craft supplies. You don't need a website. Etsy and eBay both make it possible for you to connect with customers without having your own store.

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Entertain beach-goers. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and your stage-fright. Play a musical instrument, sing, develop a mime routine or juggle. You can even perform stand-up comedy routines or magic acts. Provide a container into which passers-by may leave tips.

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Draw. Take your sketch materials to the beach, along with two chairs and a few samples of your work. Create drawings of beach-goers for a fee, or draw beach scenes that you display for sale.


Take and sell photographs. Travel agencies are always looking for new and inspiring images of beach destinations.

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Scour the beach with a metal detector to find valuables left behind — like watches, change and jewelry.

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