How to Start a Windshield Repair Business

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The windshield repair business in many markets is very competitive today. If you plan on starting a windshield repair business, you should have some commercial contracts ready to go. Also, be prepared to advertise, as this is the key to getting word out about cracked windshields to consumers.

Decide how large a business you want to start. If you are looking to start a small windshield repair business in which you work out of your car and travel to people's cars to fix their windshields, you may just need a windshield repair kit and a car. If you are looking to have a large shop where customers bring their vehicles, a lot more is involved.

Find a place to order windshields of all sizes and shapes that can have them shipped in quickly. You may even decide to have windshields for all types of cars on hand for you to use for customers even more quickly than that.

Target local businesses with large fleets of vehicles. Give them a special deal, if you can have a contract with them to fix the windshields on their vehicles. The more commercial contracts you can have for your business, the more repeat business you will have.

Advertise on local radio stations and in print. Many consumers don't know that their car insurance policies often cover the costs of windshield repair. Educate the public on this through advertising and give the phone number of your business.

Talk with insurance companies about working with them for windshield repair. Many consumers will call their insurance companies with their windshield cracks and chips before they will contact a windshield repair specialist. If you establish relationships with insurance companies, they might refer customers to you.

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