How to Choose Linens for a bed and Breakfast

How to Choose Linens for a bed and Breakfast. The bed linens and towels offered in the rooms of your bed and breakfast say a lot about the level of hospitality. Crisp sheets and pillow cases and fresh, fluffy towels create a comfortable, luxurious setting. Create an environment to help your guests enjoy their stay.

Make a list of the number of beds, including the size of the bed (twin, queen, king). Count the beds that are located in the same room. Make notes about the bathroom accommodations that coordinate with each bed or pair of beds.

Plan to purchase at least three complete sets of linens for each room. Include sheet sets (bottom sheet, top sheet and two or four pillowcases), towel sets (bath towel, hand towel, washcloth), and extra bath towels.

Shop for high quality bed linens in 100 percent cotton with a thread count of at least 300. Choose white in order to avoid fading colors and to have more laundry options.

Choose plush towels in 100 percent cotton with a dense loop. Coordinate colors with the room decor. Opt for white, neutral and mid-tones.

Purchase at least two quality blankets for each bed. Place one blanket on the bed between the top sheet and comforter or bedspread. Set the other blanket aside in a guest accessible drawer or closet.

Take advantage of semi-annual white sales at large department stores. Stock up on white sheet sets and extra pillow cases as well as towel sets. Keep a reserve of linens ready to replace any linens that become worn, faded or stained.

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