How to Make Money With Car Advertisements

Want to learn how to make money with a sponsored car? Who doesn't want to get paid for driving?! Every now and then you may see a vehicle covered in advertisements drive by, chances are, the person driving is either getting paid for driving that car, or is having the vehicle provided to them (often including insurance and gas!). If you are like me, then you have spent a bit of time being both envious of that lucky so and so, as well as wrought with curiosity as to just how they achieved such an attractive auto situation. After researching this subject I've learned that anyone who is interested may have a better chance at getting one of these advertising sponsorship type deals if they follow these steps and with a bit of luck wander into the right situation and opportunity. But first, you should understand the different ways you can earn using your car. Sometimes, the deals just pay for free auto equipment in exchange for a stick or decal placed on the vehicle, while other times companies will pay to have vinyl wrap covering the entire body. Sometimes a company will provide the automobile itself and let you use it in exchange for driving it a set amount of times per week in high traffic areas, whereas some may require you to already own a high profile car and will give you money to keep it visible to the general public and motorists in popular areas. It simply depends, and you can do this independently by selling the ads yourself, or by looking for motor companies that offer such advertising opportunities or groups and web sites that act as an a medium between the advertisers and the drivers, and based on the route you go -it can happen very quickly or it can be an expensive and long drawn out venture, simply depends on how and what method you decide to go when trying to get these car sponsorship deals to make money driving. So, if you do find a good or appealing one, you may not want to settle for one right away, instead do some research and look around to see what opportunities are currently available for you and what suits your needs the best.

Decide how you want to get paid to drive

The first step is understanding and deciding what method of vehicle advertising you wish to pursue, some of your options include, but are not limited to, having a company provide you with a vehicle that already has ads in place and in this case, when the automobile is provided, they typically maintain ownership of the car for a predetermined period of time depending on the contract agreement involved in the deal. These ads are usually single vinyl wraps on nice autos that are currently popular and allow no modification to the body but do often pay you for driving and also cover your insurance and sometimes they even cover the gas so you get to drive for free, but as they are already providing so much for you, chances are they will pay you a lot less than they would if you provided your own car, which bring us to your next option, already owning a car (ideally an attractive one) and making a deal with a company that wants to put their advertisements all over the vehicle as a single deal, and receiving compensation in return, along with that method you could even make a business out of driving by selling the body space yourself to smaller companies and allowing businesses to submit designs to you and then contracting a custom shop to make the decals or vinyl prints to put on your automobile for a set period of time which would be established at the time of purchase via a sale agreement contract. While this method requires more work, it can make you a lot more money and offer a lot more freedom, most people don't go this route as it is much more involved -and I don't blame them, from my research it can require a great deal of work and promotion and investment money. To complete this step, consider all possibilities and decide what you like the best.

consider what method of vehicle sponsorship applies best for your situation

Next, considering the previous step, you will want to make your own judgment call and decide which is most likely to work for you. What do you have to offer a company that would consider sponsoring your car. If you live in a highly populated city or area, you are much more likely to get a full advertising deal on your vehicle as bigger companies would find traffic and ad views worth their time and money, however, if you live in a smaller town or a rural area, chances are that you will have a much harder time getting a company to fully sponsor your car or provide you with one for that matter, that is unless you travel a lot and can prove to get their ads lots of exposure. If you live in a smaller town, your best bet is selling individual space on the body or going for smaller sponsoring deals on your moving billboard such as it is. Smaller businesses in a less populated area are a far more likely to target local traffic as they have a vested interest in their community and their presence thereof. If you travel enough, this shouldn't be a problem, but if your car isn't exposed to the public or parked in highly populated areas of town it can work against the appeal you are trying to sell. Decide what fits your situation most appropriately and move on to the next step when you have done so.

Take action and find a site to get car wrap advertisements for you or sell the car ads yourself

This final step hinges on the route you've decided to go. If you have decided to approach a full vehicle sponsorship from large companies or agencies, you should start scouting company web sites immediately and look for such opportunities or contact them directly with your inquires. You can also check out some of the many sites online that connect these advertisers with individual drivers and see if there are any opportunities that fit your situation. However, if you have decided to go into business for yourself and make money selling the car advertisements yourself, you should set up your business, if you can afford to with the help of a business consultant to make sure you are operating your auto venture legally and correctly. This may require getting a business license and having some start up capital which can be squired by getting a small business loan. From there, simply advertise your service whenever and wherever you can, whether its a newspaper ad, billboard or local posting board -even handing out business cards and flyers to local businesses. Have contracts and sale agreements tightly worded and decide what space on your car is worth and be ready to negotiate prices. You may even wish to hire a salesman to handle this for you and offer pay on commission for each sell. Salesman are a very valuable resource and can be very effective at convincing businesses to buy into your venture. Also, you will want to consider hiring an accountant come tax time to handle your business expenses, tax write offs, and deductions when necessary. As your vehicle advertising is a business, your expenses along the way may be credible if legitimate and save you money on your taxable earnings which is very important, especially if you find yourself very successful at what you have chosen to do. There are many web sites that lay out the process with many different ideas and connections that you may find helpful, so do some research and go make some money getting your car sponsored!


  • Protect yourself legally and learn as much as possible as making money with car advertisements can easily be construed as conducting business, so be aware and learn your local, county, state, and federal laws and codes involved in such practices that may apply to you when selling vehicle advertisements so that you can get paid for driving without any complications.


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