How to Start a Window Cleaning Business

How to Start a Window Cleaning Business. A window cleaning business is one of the simplest businesses to start. You can make good money, build good relationships with clients, and be pretty much guaranteed steady work for as long as you like. The following steps will help you get started with your window washing business.

Start your business by canvassing the area closest to where you live and passing out business cards, going business to business and talking to business owners.

Do all the work yourself until you start making enough money and building a big enough clientele that you can justify branching out and hiring help.

Learn the best techniques for washing windows and practice at home.

Put a few drops of your cleaning solution in a bucket of water, and use the wet brush and squeegee method on your windows. This tried and true method probably still works better than any new modern method out there today.

Run your business out of your home for as long as you like, storing supplies in a corner of your garage or porch, and doing your bookkeeping at your kitchen table or any other convenient location. Eventually you may feel profitable enough you may want to open an office, but most likely, you'll remain a home-operated business for quite some time.

Print a supply of business cards and billing statements for that professional touch. Hire an answering service if no one is at home to answer the phone for your window cleaning business during the day.

Charge $25 to $30 an hour depending on what your area can bear, and hire window washing help at a quarter of that when you have grown large enough to do so.


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