How to Start a Scrap Metal Business

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017
Start a Scrap Metal Business

How to Start a Scrap Metal Business. Starting a business is a daunting task, but it's fairly simple if you start as a scrap metal junk dealer first before getting into the more complicated aspect of the scrap metal business. For this low end of scrapping, you'll need big empty containers and a truck, van or SUV to be ready for business.

Items you will need

  • Containers
  • Truck, van or SUV
  • Heavy gloves
  • Advertising flyers
Step 1

Think of businesses that use metal-plumbers, electricians, landscapers (metal edging around gardens) and mechanics to name a few.

Step 2

Ask your neighbors for their junk metal. They'll be happy to have someone haul it away for them, and you'll be providing a useful service for the neighborhood.

Step 3

Request that your neighbors tell others about your business. It is true that word of mouth is the best advertising. What better way to get new business than by a satisfied customer telling someone else.

Step 4

Place flyers on the community board in coffee shops, grocery stores and laundromats, advertising your scrap metal business.

Step 5

Check newspaper for daily metal prices. Peruse yellow pages for scrap metal processors, and take what you've collected to these processors.

Step 6

Decide on scrap metal prices. After you've collected or gathered your scrap metal, figure out how to package and price your goods for resale.

Step 7

Subscribe to Metal World, Construction and Demolition Recycling and Fiber Market News. These are only a sample of publications that will help you get started with your scrap metal business.


  • Wear heavy gloves for protection to protect your hands while collecting scrap.

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