How to Start a Scrap Metal Business

How to Start a Scrap Metal Business. Starting a business is a daunting task, but it's fairly simple if you start as a scrap metal junk dealer first before getting into the more complicated aspect of the scrap metal business. For this low end of scrapping, you'll need big empty containers and a truck, van or SUV to be ready for business.

Think of businesses that use metal-plumbers, electricians, landscapers (metal edging around gardens) and mechanics to name a few.

Ask your neighbors for their junk metal. They'll be happy to have someone haul it away for them, and you'll be providing a useful service for the neighborhood.

Request that your neighbors tell others about your business. It is true that word of mouth is the best advertising. What better way to get new business than by a satisfied customer telling someone else.

Place flyers on the community board in coffee shops, grocery stores and laundromats, advertising your scrap metal business.

Check newspaper for daily metal prices. Peruse yellow pages for scrap metal processors, and take what you've collected to these processors.

Decide on scrap metal prices. After you've collected or gathered your scrap metal, figure out how to package and price your goods for resale.

Subscribe to Metal World, Construction and Demolition Recycling and Fiber Market News. These are only a sample of publications that will help you get started with your scrap metal business.


  • Wear heavy gloves for protection to protect your hands while collecting scrap.

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