How to Start a Parking Lot Cleaning Business

How to Start a Parking Lot Cleaning Business. Commercial parking lot sweeping contracts can generate huge incomes. Most janitorial services only clean the inside and exterior of buildings, but do not sweep parking lots. Some stores have employees sweep up their parking lot, but that can be expensive. There is virtually no competition and plenty of work to go around. What are you waiting for? If you want to know more about starting a commercial parking lot cleaning business, read on.

Get Started

Visit the Masco Sweeper website. Scroll down the left menu to ¨Starting a Sweeping Business Information¨ link and select.

Read all 7 chapters carefully.

Be prepared to work late evenings when businesses are closed; you can easily start this business part-time to supplement your present income.

Decide what type of sweeper to purchase. Start off with a used slide-in unit if you own your own pick up truck, or finance a used sweeper by selecting the ¨Used Sweepers¨ link on the left menu. Look at available sweepers.

Contact Masco Sweeper directly by calling their toll-free number and ask to talk to a sales representative about financing or purchase. Purchase or lease a sweeper.

Fill out business licenses and forms as required by federal, state and city offices.

Gather all supplies listed under the "Things" heading in this article.

Generate a pricing list. Ask a Masco Sweeper representative to assist you with this or call competitors to find out about pricing in your area.

Purchase magnetic advertising signs to place on your personal and work vehicles.

Visit local malls, grocery stores, restaurants and businesses to talk with management about a weekly service contract. Offer a free service and follow-up the next day to close the deal.

Sweep Parking Lot

Start by blowing all debris from the sides of the building and side walks into the parking lot area with a gas power blower.

Pick up and discard into dumpster any debris too large to be vacuumed up by sweeper.

Drive around the parking lot vacuuming up all remaining debris with sweeper. Check to make sure that all parking lot areas are clean. Discard waste into dumpster using shovel when done.

Check mail for monthly paychecks. Visit your customers once a month to verify their satisfaction with the service. Ask for referrals.


  • Use a breathing mask, goggles, ear plugs and work gloves when sweeping and blowing debris. Call Masco Sweeper at (800) 345-1246 for more information on how to start a commercial parking lot sweeper business.


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