How to Start a Recycling business

Everytime someone throws away a newspaper,or cardboard box they are throwing away money. This a super simple business that anyone with a vehicle can get into.

Print some flyers to announce your recycling business. Go door to door and hand these out. Leave a few on all bulletin boards in your town.

As you hand your flyers out to neighbors let them know what day and what time you will be coming around to collect their paper products. For example "Yes ma'am I will be back in your neighborhood every Thursday between 10am and 2pm to collect your paper products."

Leave a sturdy box such as a banana box with your neighbors so that they can easily collect paper products for you. Affix a large sign on the side of the box that says "Recyclable paper products only." This way someone will not mistake your box for another trash can. Have them leave the box on the curb on the designated day.

Make your rounds to the different neighborhoods. When you see one of your boxes stop and empty the content into your vehicle, next take the box and place it on their doorstep to refill for you.

Take the collected paper products to your recycling center and trade the paper for cash.


  • Always be consistent with your pickup days. Everytime you empty a box and place it on the neighbors doorstep leave a Thank You note.


  • Some people will put your boxes full of paper outside even if it is raining. At your initial meeting, tell your neighbors in case of wet weather that you will come on the first clear day.