Few businesses are about style and flair as much as a hair salon is. Just because it’s about style and flair, though, doesn’t mean you can’t have good hair salon ideas on a budget. It all comes down to having personality and a look that feels right to you that can make clients feel welcome.

Thinking of Small Salon Design Ideas

Beauty salon interior design ideas don’t have to feel cookie cutter or boring, which is the wonderful thing about dreaming up a salon. Having a unique culture and funky space can go a long way toward saying for whom the salon is well suited. Even if you're not looking for a unique and funky culture, it’s still critical that the salon has a streamlined, well-thought look to it. No one will trust a stylist to make her look great if the stylist can’t even come up with a nice salon space.

Keep clutter to a minimum if you can and choose wall art that works well together but can handle the dynamics of the space, such as the moisture, the chemical processes and maybe even all the sunlight pouring in the windows. Don’t use any handwritten signage. Instead, use great web-based apps like canva.com to design graphic elements like signs and cards. Get them printed and laminated for a long life.

The Waiting Area: Basics

When entering a salon of any size, there are a few things one expects to encounter. First is the front desk, where a computer and phone might be kept as well as business cards, a price list and anything else necessary for booking appointments and taking payments. Keep this area organized, welcoming, bright and cheery.

Next, a comfortable waiting area is required. A waiting area can say a lot about the salon – how posh it is, how funky it is, how accommodating it is or even how cheap and unoriginal it might be. When it comes to chairs, comfort is important but so is support. Low, comfy chairs might look cool but keep in mind that the elderly and injured need haircuts too. Look for chairs that can be gotten out of easily and that don’t put strain on the back but are in good shape and add a little style to the space.

Stores like IKEA sell great chairs in a variety of styles, but they’re not particularly inspired for something fashion forward like a salon. If you’re on a serious budget, don’t forget the low-cost premium that personal style can bring to a space. Some used, wooden chairs spruced up with some funky paints like sunshine yellow and Tiffany blue can really give a space pizzazz. Of course, you'll need a great set of side tables and coffee tables on which to put all those hairstyle sample books and magazines, and these can get the same bright, fun painting treatment to complete a look.

Choosing Color and Lighting

One of the worst mistakes a salon can make is to turn to fluorescent lighting to fill the space. Harsh, cold lighting doesn’t just make the space feel unwelcoming, but it makes the clients feel unattractive. It’s brutal on skin tones and can actually make hair colors look different so that the client sees something completely different in the mirror at home.

Natural-looking “daylight” light bulbs are available in all kinds of formats. It’s certainly an expensive investment, but it’s also an investment that will pay off day after day after day, especially when you’re working under them.

When it comes to painting the space, be sure you consider skin tone. Cold, harsh colors will be unflattering, whereas some colors will bring a lot of style to the space while also bringing out the warm tones in your clients’ complexions.