How to Decorate the Entrances of Hair Salons

by Caprice Castano; Updated September 26, 2017
The entrance of your hair salon should make people want to come inside.

The entrance of a hair salon sets the mood and gives a first impression to customers walking in the door. Anyone coming in or passing by should be able to tell right off that it is a salon, and the style of your business. Whether cute and cozy, chic and modern or a high-class glam salon, your customers should begin to feel the ambiance while walking through the door. Decorate your entrance to reflect your salon's theme and help you attract more business.

Items you will need

  • Hair and hair care themed decor items
  • Window display with hair care products
  • Etched or painted window
  • Adequate lighting
  • Pots or statues
  • Signage
Step 1

Work with the existing architecture and setting of your store front. If you have a Victorian-style window with a wood and glass front, a modern steel and glass themed style will not blend well. Plan the decor around the existing structure.

Step 2

Clean, repair and paint everything so that it looks brand new if it isn't already. Entrances with cracked glass, faded wood, paint that is peeling and dirty windows will not make a customer want to come inside. Clean and presentable entrances let customers know the salon is well kept.

Step 3

Set up inviting displays with hair care products, beauty items or glamorous makeover photos. The customers should be drawn in by photos of interesting new styles, new salon services or treatments. Create a backdrop with a folding screen or draped curtain to make sure the display is the highlight of the window. Separate the interior of the salon from the entrance so the customer is not turned off by a busy working atmosphere before they enter.

Step 4

Create an atmosphere with the entrance. Add topiary, large pots or statuaries to the sides of the doors that make a statement and lend themselves to your style. A glitzy female type salon can have Venus statues or posh topiaries. A comfortable relaxing spa type salon is attractive with live plants and flowers in large vases or pots, featuring an understated elegance.

Step 5

Continue the theme of decor from the entryway in the window display. Add unrelated decor items to fill out the window rather than just functional fixtures. A lacy table cloth or frilly scarf around the base of a photo or on top of a table blends with a cozy or Victorian theme. Place feather boas and fake jewels in a glam-themed window.

Step 6

Avoid lighting that is harsh and commercial, but provide lighting that is adequate to see the entrance and make it safe. Use lighting fixtures that match the theme such as gaslight-shaped sconces on the walls to either side of the door for a Victorian-style salon, or rope lighting that outlines the front entrance for a more modern look.

Step 7

Etch the name of the salon on the window or door, or have it painted in a professional design that is both attractive and informative. Display the business name and perhaps some minor decorative design, and leave the other information to removable signage.

Step 8

Add professionally-made signs with hours of business, specials or other information on the door or windows when necessary. Make the space they inhabit minimal, and don't overload the windows with multiple messages. Customers can only take in so much before they are overwhelmed and pass on by. Never post hand written signs, flyers and leaflets all over your entrance.

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