Fundraising Ideas for a Memorial Fund

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A memorial fund is established to operate in honor of a specific person, group or event. The respective entity's interests influence the core objectives of memorial funds that you create. Money generated from these establishments is typically spent on philanthropic duties that reflect their mission. Fundraising ideas for a memorial fund are essential to maintain its stability and activities planned to execute the mission.

Coin Collection

Empty used pickle jars to create fundraising ideas for a memorial fund that involves local businesses. Replace the product labels on these containers with photos and donation requests for your memorial fund. Place $1, two quarters, two dimes, four nickels and 10 pennies inside each pickle jar. Attach a 6 by 9 inch piece of fabric to the top of each container. Secure the fabric using a large rubber band. Cut a small rectangular hole in the center of your fabric pieces. Ask retail store owners to display one of your decorative pickle jars near their checkout counter.

Dinner Plates

Prepare food centered on one particular culture or theme to serve at a restaurant style dinner event. Divide your total fundraising goal by the number of guests you plan to invite. Use this number as a reference when selecting a ticket price for the fundraiser. Sell dinner tickets to guests in advance and charge an extra fee for same-day admission. Hire a disc jockey to provide entertainment services during your fundraising dinner.

Serve a three-course meal that includes one appetizer, entrée and dessert to all guests in attendance. Each dish should reflect your main dinner theme. Dinner plates are fundraising ideas for a memorial fund that benefit from a strong network of supporters. Relatives, co-workers and associates likely will purchase tickets faster than strangers if the fundraising dinner is promoted through your own private and extended network.

Concert Promotion

Hire performers to display their talents at a concert fundraiser for your memorial fund. Fundraising budgets and organizer resources will determine the concert lineup. There are benefits and disadvantages for each type of performer you choose. Varied performances including standup comedy, music and dance that men and women of all ages can enjoy may be more appropriate when choosing unknown acts. These performers may also be less expensive to book compared with well-known musicians. A popular music band that has a large following can also be hired to perform for one hour.

While their booking fees cost more, professional musicians offer the benefit of a built-in fan base that is likely to attend your fundraising concert. Promotional efforts must be increased to attract audiences to the concert if you hire little-known performers. Concerts are fundraising ideas for a memorial fund that require large venues, security guards one host, and a sound system to operate properly.

Sponsored Walk

Schedule and map a walkathon for 12 miles in support of the memorial fund that you represent. Offer three donation levels that small business owners, social groups and local residents can meet to sponsor the walk. Invite other members of your organization to participate in the walk by collecting a specific donation amount to secure their spot on the trail. Sponsored walkathons are fundraising ideas for a memorial fund that gain local publicity through newspapers and television news stations.