Fundraiser Kickoff Ideas

There are many organizations that have to do fundraiser drives every year to get the money they need to operate and provide services. For example, many local charities like to provide food and small gifts for the poor during the holidays, and cannot wait until the last minute to get the funds they need. Organizations conducting fundraising drives will often have a kickoff event. There are several ways to do that.

Sign Unveiling

One way to start your fund-raising effort is to unveil a sign that will keep track of donations. Invite the local media to the event. You can choose to have the head of your organization do the unveiling, or you can get a local dignitary, such as the mayor or a member of the city council. The sign should be placed in a location where many people can see it, while still being protected from the elements. In addition, you should design the sign so that you can easily indicate how close you are getting to your goal.

A Radiothon

Many charities will hold a telethon at the end of their collection process. However, you might want to hold a radiothon at the beginning. Convince a local radio station to let you hold the event live on the air, with local performers volunteering to sing or perform skits. Aside from the money directly obtained during this fundraiser, it will serve as an advertisement that your overall fundraising efforts have begun.

Celebrity Signatures

Get celebrities to assemble at the local mall for a signature fest, with signatures being auctioned for the charity. These celebrities can be local newscasters, sports stars or, if you happen to live near Los Angeles or New York, television or movie stars. Take photos during the event (getting the permission of your celebrities) and use them during the year on posters and signs to push donations.