How to Buy Wholesale in Texas

by Brandy Davis ; Updated September 26, 2017
Many wholesale retailers in Texas require a buyer to have the number off his sales tax permit available before making a purchase.

Purchasing items wholesale in Texas involves finding purchasing resources and obtaining the proper sales tax permit. After obtaining a permit, one can purchase items at wholesale prices from participating retailers.


One planning to buy merchandise to resell in Texas needs a sales tax permit. The number on the permit allows the purchaser to purchase goods tax-free when buying merchandise to resell. If a person or business plans to resell the merchandise in Texas, the Texas comptroller requires the collection of sales tax on the sale of the items.

Trade Shows

Attend trade shows dedicated to the selected type of merchandise and audience. Trade shows will have booths of retailers for a buyer to connect with.

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Brought to you by Techwalla


Contact Texas retailers to visit their warehouses. A company, Costume Jewelry, has a showroom in Houston that is open to wholesalers, retailers and the public. Those wishing to purchase wholesale items can visit the warehouse, inquire about the wholesale program and make a purchase on site.

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