How to Find My Seller's Permit Number

by Kenyonda Bradley ; Updated September 26, 2017
Obtain your seller's permit number from your state tax office.

To sell merchandise in your state you may need a seller’s permit. The permit allows you to collect state taxes on items that you’ve sold, which in turn you must send to your state’s revenue department. If you already have a seller’s permit but you’ve forgotten your permit number you can obtain the number by contacting your state’s tax office.

Visit your state’s Board of Equalization, Sales Tax Commission, or Franchise Tax Board. Inform the representative of your intent to obtain your seller’s permit number.

Provide the representative with the information requested of you, such as your state identification card, bank account information and Social Security number.

Wait for the representative to find your permit information and provide you with the number. If you have lost your permit, you can submit a request for a new one, as well. However, you may be charged a fee.

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