Disability Organizations Fund Raising Ideas

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Fund raising is a wonderful way to acquire funding for your disability organization as well as spread the group's message. Traditional fund raisers, such as car washes, are still popular for many High School organizations, but if you are looking to raise a large amount of money for your organization, try the following ideas.

Selling Products

You may not think that you can fund raise a large amount by selling candy bars or cookie dough, but there is serious "dough" to be made in selling products. On www.efundraising.com, there are hundreds of great products that your organization can sell to earn a profit. Candy bars are a popular seller and will earn your organization 60% of the profit. Members can pre-order products, such as candy bars, and then sell them to friends, family and coworkers. Just think how popular you would be in the break room if you had a stash of delicious and inexpensive candy bars!

Restaurant Fund Raisers

Many restaurants now participate in fund raising nights for approved organizations, clubs and charities. Most participating restaurants will designate a few hours of a day or night for your organization; a portion of the profits made will be donated to your group.

The first step in finding a restaurant to sponsor your organization is to make some phone calls to or stop in to speak with the managers of popular restaurants. Ask if they participate in fund raising nights and if so, what percentage of sales will be donated and how many hours your organization will be given.

Once you have scheduled a date and time with a restaurant, you should advertise. The more people that show up, the more money your group and the restaurant will take in. Have members of your organization make flyers and posters and email friends and family. Be sure to send a thank you card to the manager after the fund raiser is over.

Organizing a Run/Walk

Organizing a run/walk is a serious commitment but is a great way to earn money and advocate for your organization. Planning for a run/walk should begin at least six months in advance.

First, choose a date and a place. Then find a running store to sponsor your run/walk. They will be able to assist you with booking a place, bringing necessary supplies and setting up. They will also direct you in finding proper course certification and insurance for the race.

Next, start finding volunteers to help set up, time runners/walkers, hand out water, and perform other tasks as needed. While finding volunteers, begin finding additional sponsors for your run/walk. These sponsors can help pay for T-shirts, food, water, advertising and prizes. To find sponsors, approach local businesses as well as large companies; explain the importance of your organization and how a run/walk will benefit it.

This will be a large fund raiser, but it can be a lot of fun if you put together a strong committee and an organized schedule.