Alzheimer's Fundraiser Ideas

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Alzheimer's Disease affects millions of people around the world. Not only does it affect the people with the disease, but also their relatives, friends and loved ones. Fundraiser events are intended to raise money to aid in the research of the disease and to help find a cure. If you know someone who suffers from the disease, you might want to get involved by hosting your own fundraising event. These ideas will get the community involved in your fundraising efforts.

Neighborhood Garage Sale

Host a neighborhood garage or yard sale, with the proceeds going towards Alzheimer's research. If your neighbors are hesitant to donate all of the proceeds, ask that they donate a percentage of the money they make. The Alzheimer's Association has signs available for community yard sales. Visit the association office in your neighborhood and request the sign, then return it after the sale. Plan the sale in advance, sending out flyers to your neighbors or visiting each one in person. Advertise the sale in newspapers and online classified ads. Include information on the type of items available and the number of sellers. Gather the money after the sale or ask sellers to give the money to you the day after the sale.

Fundraising Website

Create a website that explains what the money goes to and your reasons for building the site, such as a family member suffering from Alzheimer's. The Alzheimer's Foundation of America offers users the chance to build their own site of this type. Once you have the site built, send a link to friends, relatives and co-workers via email. You can set a fundraising goal, include photos and keep track of donations. See who donated each amount, how much you raise on a specific day and how close you are to your overall goal.

Alzheimer's Fundraiser Party

Throw a party and request donations to your Alzheimer's cause. Pass an envelope or basket around the party and ask for donations. For a larger party or event, charge a fee to enter, with the money acting as a donation. You can even hold a raffle at the party and sell tickets to win different prizes. During the Christmas season, purchase inexpensive gifts and wrap each one. Auction the gifts to raise money.