Basic Supplies to Start a Home Skin Spa Business

The basic esthetician supplies and equipment needed to start a home spa business depend on the types of services you will offer. Supplies for providing facials will differ from those needed to provide full-body treatments. You'll also need to purchase skin care supplies to treat clients with a variety of skin types from excessively oily to excessively dry. Some clients may have skin problems, like prematurely aging skin or acne, which will also require specialty products.

Start With the Basics

Look for large bath towels that easily cover the body, smaller face towels designed for steaming the face or protecting the client’s hair, and washcloth-size towels designed to remove spa products from the face. Stock up on professional esthetician products like extractors designed to remove blackheads, and manual exfoliator supplies like callous removers for feet and hands. A large box of roll cotton and cotton balls is essential.

Purchase disposable gloves, tissues and handheld mirrors. You will also need tweezers for hair removal and hair clips to keep the clients' hair from coming into contact with skin care products. Include hot wax pots and reusable linen strips if you plan to offer hair-removal services.

Think About the Hardware

Next on an esthetician room supply list will be hardware. Find decorative hampers for clean and dirty towels and separate hampers for clean and dirty spa robes. Look for glass sterilizing containers for implements like tweezers, extractors and brushes. Stock up on large, medium and small bowls used for mixing skin care products together. Look for mixing bowls with lids for storing unused skin care supplies. Buy enough spatulas —either plastic or wood — so that each can be used exclusively for mixing one type of product.

Furniture should be considered as well. Where will clients wait for appointments? Where will they sit or lie for appointments? What will you sit on if you need to sit while providing services? You'll also need to consider storage for all your supplies. Simple industrial shelving can work well.

Supplies for Oily Skin

Select basic supplies to treat clients that suffer from oily facial skin; these may include a cleansing bar soap, liquid cleanser, cleansing foam, cleansing lotion and an exfoliating product especially for oily facial skin. A client seeking spa treatments for oily skin generally has a preference regarding the way she likes to clean her face. Some spa clients will prefer a cleansing bar, while others are more comfortable using a foam or lotion. Purchase spot-treatment products for acne and facial clay masks designed to unclog pores. You will also need facial skin toners and moisturizers made for oily skin.

Clients with excessively oily skin often suffer from acne breakouts on the back and chest. Purchase spa supplies that are specifically designed to clear-up acne breakouts on the body like body brushes and acne extractors for the body.

Supplies for Dry/Aging Skin

Duplicate the types of cleansing supplies used for oily skin for dry and aging skin types. Include cleansing creams and oils for dry skin clients on your basic supply list. Purchase skin-bleaching supplies for clients that suffer from hyper-pigmentation or Melasma, plus protective eye goggles for use during these treatments.