How to Build an App

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Mobile apps have become an essential part of daily life for many Americans, with users accessing nine apps every day on average. For an aspiring entrepreneur, success stories like Angry Birds and Design This Home can be inspiring. Could they be the next developer to make millions? A great idea is only the first part of designing a successful app. You have to be able to turn that idea into a user-friendly platform that keeps customers coming back every day.

How to Build an App

Every app starts with a planning stage, which involves outlining your goals for the app, as well as how you envision reaching those goals. Once you’ve outlined what you want from the app, map out its workflow, deciding how each step will work from a user perspective. During this phase, you should also decide how you will make money off the app, keeping in mind that most apps make the majority of their revenue from in-app purchases.

How to Build an App for Free

Once it’s time to build your app, you have some options. Even if you know how to code, you’ll likely use a tool to make work easier. If you don’t build it yourself, you’ll probably find that professional developers charge a fairly hefty price. Although professional-grade app-building tools are great, there are do-it-yourself builders that are much more affordable. Paid options like GoodBarber and Swiftic will likely offer a wider range of features than free models such as AppyPie and AppMakr. Preview a variety of app builders and make sure you find one that will do everything you need.

How to Make Your App Successful

Once your app is ready to meet the world, it’s time to get the word out about it. The first step is to upload it to app stores. If your app was designed for iOS devices, you’ll need to navigate to and go through the steps to optimize and add your site. For Android, will help you add your app to the Google Play Store. A good description, complete with screenshots and an eye-catching icon, can help you get attention in app store search results. You’ll also need to go through standard methods of online promotion, including setting up a website for your app, creating blog posts to gain search traction and distributing a news release to announce it.

As with any business, customers are the key to success with an app. In addition to getting the word out, developers should pay close attention to feedback, making regular updates to ensure it meets the highest standards of customer friendliness. With all of these practices in place, an app will quickly grow in download numbers.