Holidays are excellent times to host fundraisers, especially a holiday like New Year's Eve. Because New Year's Eve is such an exciting holiday, you can host different types of New Year's Eve fundraisers that are enjoyable and will result in the donations you need to support your cause.


People enjoy the chance to get dressed up and be glamorous once in a while, and New Year's Eve is an ideal time to do so. Hosting a gala is a way to throw a grandiose New Year's Party while raising money for a cause. Choose a ballroom for your gala, arrange for catering, sell tickets at a price that will garner funds for your chosen cause and choose a theme for attendees to follow regarding attire, such as evening wear or ball gowns. The more elaborate the event, the more you can charge for event tickets.

Fitness Events

Fitness events are popular ways to raise money because they typically generate a lot of participation. Choose an event, such as a New Year's Eve 5K race, obstacle course, mud run, sports tournament, or a walking or biking event. Have participants raise money by having friends, family and community members sponsor them. Plan the event to begin, end or take place just before midnight. End the event with a New Year's Eve celebration.


Hosting a New Year's Eve auction is another way to raise money by celebrating the New Year. Choose whether you want to have a live or silent auction, and then find a location suitable for the event, such as a hotel, a restaurant banquet hall or an auditorium. Ask attendees, volunteers and local business owners to donate their services or products to be auctioned. Or, turn your auction into a dating event and auction off a bachelor and bachelorette. Give the auction a New Year's Eve theme with decorations and find a way to incorporate the ball dropping at midnight into the event.


Hosting a dinner is an easy way to raise money for a cause, especially on New Year's Eve. Depending on the funds available to you and the number of attendees, you can host several different types of dinners. Choose a location for your dinner, such as a church, school or restaurant. Sell tickets for the dinner, making sure that you cover the cost of the food and have enough left over to make a profit. Ending your event early will give attendees the opportunity to attend both your fundraiser and any other holiday parties or events to which they may have been invited.