Fire departments help keep us all safe from the devastation of fires. But like any organization, a fire department needs money. Its fire trucks, suits and training are expensive. Fire department fundraisers can help keep your fire department well-stocked with what it needs to keep you safe.

Bachelor Auction

Firefighters are usually in very good shape due to the physical demands of the job. Have a bachelor auction to raise money. Get your single firemen and advertise the auction. Set up a donation box at the entrance for optional donation. Now have each fireman stand up and show himself off to the crowd. Don’t be lewd with this. Simply have him stand and give a small speech about what he will do for the winner of his auction. Maybe have him flex his muscles. Open the bidding. Once won, each fireman must do what the winner demands. However, it must be made clear that these auctions are not sexual.

Fire Department Competition

Holding a fire department competition should bring a large amount of people to any fundraiser. Set up a series of games for your firemen to compete in and make it open to the public. Anybody can compete as long as they pay a small fee, possibly $15 or $20. Set up a donation box at the entrance. Sell hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, soda, ice tea and possibly beer. Whoever wins the competition should get a prize, perhaps $100 or $200, depending on how much money you get from the donations and entrance fees.

Firefighting Lessons

Many people are interested in how to become a firefighter. Give some firefighting lessons. These lessons should be safe. Don’t set anything on fire or put anybody in any danger. Show them how to handle the hose. Let them turn it off and spray a brick wall. A fire hose is incredibly powerful. Let them feel how powerful it is, but don’t let them handle it without help. It has the potential to knock them over. Don’t let them fool around and spray each other. Show them how to operate the ladder on the truck and how to turn on the siren. Explain how fire trucks must be steered from the front and back because of their length. Let them slide down the pole. Charge no more than $20 for these lessons. Make a donation box available.