If you grow your own herbs, you may consider drying and selling your herbs for either medicinal or culinary uses. When packaging the dried herbs for selling or shipping, it is helpful and more professional looking to use a few packaging supplies specific to dried consumables, such as herbs.


Select containers to hold the dried herbs that will keep the herbs from becoming stale, and will not allow the dried herbs to spill out. A few effective selections include glass jars with sealable lids, plastic bags that have a sealable edge or flip-top plastic jars. You can purchase empty packaging containers from an office-supply or packaging wholesaler.


Once the dried herbs are placed into a sufficient container, it is important to place a label onto the container that will show your company's name and what type of herb is inside. You can purchase customized adhesive labels from a screen printing company, or you can order them online by uploading your custom logo onto a print-on-demand website.

Insulative Material

When packing the bottles or wrapped dried herbs, it is important to fill the empty space in the shipping box with insulative material. The insulative material is often created out of foam or recycled paper, and can prevent the products from becoming damaged or broken during shipping. You can purchase insulative material from any office-supply or shipping store.