How to Find Clothing Suppliers for My Fashion Store Boutique

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Starting your own fashion store boutique can be hard, especially with so many factors to consider. Finding suppliers to sell to you at wholesale is one of them and it will take a bit of work and a lot of patience. It may take a little while to actually find people willing to supply a new store but it's not impossible.

Contact Sales Reps

Find a list of sales reps in your area; these are who you will have to be in touch with to talk about buying wholesale.

Check the websites of the designers for contact information on the reps, such as email address and phone numbers. They may also have a general wholesale email you can contact for more specific information.

Call or email the sales rep and ask for a line sheet; a line sheet will show your their collection, wholesale prices, sizing information and fabrication.

Ask the rep about minimum order quantities to qualify for wholesale pricing, explain to that you are a fashion store boutique looking for supply.

Place your order.

Go to Trade Shows

Check out new designers at trade shows; they are usually willing to talk to you about pricing and the like right on the spot.

Place your order with the designer on the spot if you are really confident the product will fit in with your boutique's style.

Get the business cards of the designers or reps and line sheet to take home; you will get a lot of information at trade shows and want to be sure to be able to look over it again in a less busy place. This is especially so if you like some providers but are unable to order from them right away.


  • Buying clothes for a retail shop runs on a "season ahead" schedule, so if you are buying for a summer line you will want to do it in spring, spring in winter, winter in fall, fall in the summer. Visit websites for clothing brands you like as well; you can usually also find their wholesale information and inquire about selling their brand in your boutique. Don't be afraid to contact someone more than once; if they turn you down for their summer line, call again for the fall line. Try contacting local designers as opposed to larger companies; these may be easier as well as cheaper to buy from.