How to Donate Candy to Charity

There are multiple local, national and international charities that accept candy on a donation basis. The requirements vary depending on the charity, but they generally just need the packages of candy packaged and shipped to them. There are charities that send the candy to United States troops that are stationed overseas. The candy is either given to local children by the troops or eaten by the troops themselves. Other charities give the candy to the families of children who are hospitalized. As with any charitable contribution, candy donations are tax deductible.

Gather any type of candy that is still packaged in commercially sealed wrappers. Regular snack foods that are still in their commercially applied packaging are acceptable donations as well. Do not send anything that is perishable or that will melt.

Fill flat rate shipping boxes with the candy and snack foods. The great thing about flat rate shipping boxes is that the final weight of the filled package will not increase the shipping cost of the contents of the box. Candy and snack foods, in quantity, can be heavy and expensive to ship in any other way.

Address the shipping box with the charity’s shipping information, and be sure to mention the purpose of the candy enclosed in the box in an enclosed letter.

Pay for the shipping in behalf of the charity and call the charity a few days after the package was sent to be sure they received your donation.


  • A couple possible charities that accept candy donations are Ronald McDonald House Charities and Operation Shoebox. Ronald McDonald House gives the candy to the families of children who are staying in one of their chapter houses while the child is receiving medical care. Operation Shoebox sends the donated candy to US troops that are stationed overseas. To donate candy to your local chapter of Ronald McDonald House, search for local chapters on their website and use the mailing address(es) provided. Send your candy donations to Operation Shoebox at: Operation Shoebox 8360 E Highway 25 Belleview, FL 34420