Help for Failing Small Business

Owning a small business can become quite challenging, as most of the competition will consist of large, corporate franchises. Unlike chains, small-business owners have to develop their own marketing strategies, budget, suppliers, profits and so on. You'll have many hurdles to overcome and challenges to face when trying to run a small business. If your small business has difficulty, take advantage of the many ways to promote the business and attract more clients, resulting in a hefty bottom line.

Create a Website

Create a website that includes an online store for people to purchase your products or services. Find the Web address that you like, register it and hire a company to make your site. Make the web address short, simple and easy to remember, and design an easy-to-navigate and visually attractive online store in order to attract a global audience. Use search engine optimization (SEO) in the website's copy in order to rank high on search engines so when people search for your type of business on the Internet, your company comes up toward the top of the listed results.

Create a Buzz

Create a buzz in your city or town by doing something extraordinary: Give away a car, donate a large sum of money to a local charity or hospital, or make your first 100 customers orders free of charge for one day only. Write up a press release and send it out to all the local newspapers to see whether you can get some media coverage. Think creatively and make it beneficial for someone else in the process.

Apply For Government Grants and Loans

Apply for government grants and loans for financial assistance. Research the type of city, state and federal grants available to you. Unless you have skills in this area, hire a grant writer to write the grant for you. Apply for government loans that can give your business a little extra cash to get things started. Use the extra money in advertising or marketing to get your company name and brand into the minds of the people.