Juice and smoothie bars are popping up everywhere--in gyms, airports, grocery stores, cafes, malls and college cafeterias. Soaring juice sales and growing demand for healthy, natural produce make the consumer market ripe for juice bar businesses. If you are thinking about starting up a juice bar business, you will need to study the market and competition, and acquire the necessary licenses and permits. You may also want to consider hiring a consultant with a track record of helping clients establish successful juice and smoothie bar businesses to help with setting up your business, strategic positioning, training and on-going support.



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Choose a high-traffic site for your juice bar where there are likely to be lots of thirsty people, such as a fitness center, commercial area or university campus. Are there other juice bars or health-food restaurants in the area? What do they sell, and for how much, and what can you offer that’s different? Don’t set up shop near too much competition; however, choosing a district known for its healthy eating options will help generate buzz and sales.



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Shop for high-quality equipment and fruit and veggie suppliers. Consider shopping local or buying organic produce. You will save on shipping, and you can use the “buy local and organic” angles in your advertising. It could give you an edge over your competition. Dealing with local vendors may also help build your profile within your niche market and generate traffic to your store.

Make a Budget


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Set a budget, set your prices and set your profit margin goals. What price point for fruit juice will keep you competitive and also profitable? Make sure your overhead will allow you to generate the necessary income to be a sustainable juice bar business. If the financial planning part is intimidating to you, a consultant with industry knowledge and experience will be a valuable resource and can walk you through the process.

Your Juice Bar

What kind of experience do you want to create for clients? Develop a vision of your juice bar that includes the shop exterior, the interior look, decor, color, lighting, signage, staff and menu items. Will you be a coffee bar and offer food items as well? Think of a business name that’s catchy and works with your vision. Brainstorm with a pen and paper and show your ideas to a business partner or friend for a fresh look, feedback and new ideas.