One of the most useful features on any copier is the resizing capacity. With the resizing option, users can easily blow up a small photo to a larger size, or reduce a large photo to a more appropriate format. While the exact commands needed to resize photographs and other items will vary from model to model, the concept is always the same.

Place the Photo on the Glass

In order to resize a photograph or any other oddly sized document, it is best to use the glass. Putting a photograph through the automatic document feeder could damage it and result in a jam that will be difficult and time consuming to remove. By placing the photo on the glass, you can avoid this potential problem.

Locate the Zoom Button

After the photograph has been placed on the glass of the copier, look on the control panel for the "zoom" button. The location of the button will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model. When you find the button, you can use it to manually resize the photograph--most copiers allow users to resize documents to as little as 30 percent or as much as 300 percent of their original size.

Check the Results

Resizing a photograph can take a bit of trial and error, so be sure to examine your results as soon as the copy comes out of the machine. Take a look at the output and make any changes that may be necessary. When resizing a photograph, you may need to also adjust the lightness or darkness as well, so it is a good idea to experiment with several different settings until you find the best setting for your particular photo.