Royal, a manufacturer of office equipment, has a line of cash registers. If you are having problems with your Royal cash register, the obvious place to look for answers is its user’s manual. Unfortunately, user manuals are often misplaced or lost. Even if you’ve lost your manual, chances are you can find one online for your specific Royal cash register model. Royal’s website provides online manuals that can be opened in PDF or DOC format. To contact the company for more assistance, call Royal Customer Service at 1-800-272-6229 (in Canada call 1-888-266-9380).

Royal 435dx

As with all electrical equipment, if the machine won’t turn on, you need to first verify it is plugged into a working electrical outlet. Next, you need to make sure the control switch is in the correct position. If the Royal 435dx cash register sounds an error tone and the “"SEC Code" comes on while in the Z mode, this indicates the manager's security code was programmed. You will need to clear the error by pressing the “C” key, and then enter the manager's code, followed by pressing the “amt tend/TOTAL” key.

Clear Procedure

When you still cannot get the Royal 435dx cash register to function, you may need to use the “Full System Clear Procedure.” Before you take this step, be aware of the fact that this will erase all programming and transaction data from the machine’s memory. To complete this task, turn the control switch to off, remove the memory backup batteries that are in the printer compartment, and unplug the register. After 30 minutes, plug the register back in and replace the batteries, turn it on and reprogram.

Alpha 600sc

If you are using the Alpha 600sc, the register will give error messages to inform you of a specific problem. “Printer” indicates a printer failure or paper jam. “Error” indicates mis-operation or communication error, and “Clerk #” is telling you to enter a clerk’s number. If you fail to perform the entry on the register in the correct order, you will hear an error entry beep and the keyboard will lock. To clear this, press the “Clear” key and continue.

Alpha 710ML

When using the Alpha 710ML, problems can occur if you try to manually feed the paper instead of pressing the “Feed” key to feed or advance the register paper. After you’ve resolved a paper jam, it is necessary to press the “Clear” key. If the register keeps turning off after a specific amount of time, this is probably because the sleep mode feature has been activated. This is an energy saving feature that turns off the register after a specific amount of time.


Troubleshooting issues and resolutions to problems can be specific to the register model. To better resolve your issue, access the model’s manual.