Pitney Bowes postage meters are marketed towards small businesses that need a meter to weigh and calculate postage. Benefits of these postage meters include no need to travel to the post office and postage expense tracking. Some examples of Pitney Bowes postage meters include the MailStation 2, DM100 and DM200.

Display Problems

If the display won’t turn on, check to make sure the unit is plugged in or has working batteries installed. If you see that the indicator light is yellow, this means the Pitney Bowes postage meter has gone into sleep mode. You can hit any button on the machine to get the device into active mode.

You should try adjusting the contrast of the display if you have difficulty seeing the text that appears on screen. Select “Options” from the main menu of the postage meter. Find the “Adjust the Contrast” option and use the scroll keys to increase and decrease the contrast level as needed.

Postage Printing Issues

First, check to make sure the printing deck is not jammed with any paper if you are not able to print or the ink is distorted on the envelope. You can then try to open up the printer cartridge compartment of the Pitney Bowes postage meter to see if the ink cartridge needs to be replaced. To replace, flip open the cartridge guard and pull out the old cartridge. Slide the new cartridge in place and replace the cartridge guard. Close the printer cartridge compartment.

Purge the nozzles of the printer if the meter continues to print poorly. To do this, select the “Options” key and then find “Maintenance Mode” under “Advanced Features.” Choose “Purge” after going to the “Printer Maintenance” menu to automatically purge the printer nozzles.

Connection and Software Troubleshooting

If the meter does not connect to the Data Center and will not print out postage, you should check the phone line to make sure it is connected to the wall and you have service. If you use DSL, you may need to put a filter on between the phone line and wall unit.

When you use a PC to manage your Pitney Bowes postage meter settings, you may run into problems with the software. Make sure your Internet settings are correct by going to the “Internet Settings” menu found in the Data Center. Return to the default settings to see if this resolves any issues you may have.