Giving gifts and prizes at your grand opening event can attract new prospects and win valuable publicity for your business or organization. Celebrate your store or branch opening in a new market with thrilling grand-opening contests, games and gifts that will increase word of mouth and excitement in surrounding areas.

Putt for Prizes

Grand-opening guests can putt and win a prize on your in-house homemade golf green. Assign prizes to each hole so whenever the guest gets a hole-in-one they win a prize. Give each guest several chances to putt and win so everyone can leave with a prize. Assign more expensive prizes, such as $100 or an iPod, to the difficult-to-reach holes and smaller gifts, like logo golf balls or T-shirts, for the easy holes.

Decorate the lobby with a golf theme and include golf balls with the company logo in large jars on tables. Purchase golf balls in bulk from a local warehouse club and have your logo printed on the balls at a neighborhood print company. Set up a display in the lobby with golf clubs, balls and golf tees. Have employees dress in golf fashions.

Create your homemade golf green using a large 10-foot piece of green felt for the ground. Create the holes using cut plastic cups. Purchase a pack of large plastic drinking cups from the grocery store. Select five cups and cut off the tops so only 1/4 of the cup remains. Remove one side of the cup to create an entry, large enough for a golf ball.

Tape or secure the five cups around the green and purchase five bike flags from the local toy store to mark each hole. Number each flag with a black magic marker. Use regular golf clubs for putting.

Ask one or two employees to work at the putting green and be sure your corporate material is on hand so they can discuss your products and services with the grand-opening guests.

Balloon Pop Prize

Drum up excitement during your grand opening and stuff money and prizes inside balloons, ripe for the popping. Section off one room or area and stuff if full of balloons that hold prizes. Allow guests to enter the room or section one or two at a time and give them a certain number of seconds or minutes to pop as many balloons as possible with their hands. They can keep any prize they find inside the balloon they pop.

Use dark-colored balloons so customers can’t see the prize inside. Award small prizes such as $1 in cash, stickers for kids, corporate pens or even T-shirts if you purchase large-enough balloons.

You could also create a gift contest where you sweeten the deal with more expensive prizes. Select one or two balloons to hold large prizes such as $100 or even a voucher for a Wii machine or a flat-screen T,V and include them in the mix of balloons containing smaller prizes.

Money Booth Machine

Grabbing money that is falling from the sky is an attractive fantasy for many people. Make guests’ dreams come true by renting a money booth machine and giving guests a few minutes in the booth to grab falling dollars during your grand opening.

The money booth machine is a container that resembles a telephone booth. You store dollars in the top container of the booth and once the guest is secured inside, you turn on a fan and watch the dollars fly and your guest try to pick up as many dollars as possible.

Money booth machines are available through local party equipment rental companies or interactive gaming rental stores.