Newsletter Ideas

If you're trying to get the word out about your business, try a newsletter. Your main concern should be making the newsletter interesting and visually engaging enough to entice readers. If either of those factors are lacking, you won't get an audience.


When structuring the content, keep this question in mind: How will my product or service benefit the customer? As much as you might think that your customer wants to hear about all the details of your business, they don't. They are most concerned about how it will benefit them. Will it save them money? Time? Aggravation? Be sure to put this front and center in your content.

Visually Appealing

In addition to the content, make sure your newsletter is appealing. Too much text, hard-to-read fonts and too many graphics will overwhelm the reader and they will quickly discard the newsletter. Keep the number of colors to a minimum to avoid distracting the reader.


In terms of distribution, most people are choosing online newsletters these days. Again, know your audience. If they are computer savvy, then that would be the way to go. It is also the way to go if cost is a factor. If not, then a paper copy would probably work best. Also, be sure to check and recheck your distribution list. Wrong addresses will result in lost time and money.