How to Start a Fundraiser With No Money Down

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Every non-profit organization, from school groups to charities, has to face the inevitable issue of how to raise funds. A number of fundraiser ideas -- such as firework stands or selling personalized recipe books -- require buying the products up front at a hefty investment. This in itself brings a lot of risk to the organization, because there is no way to guarantee that these items will sell out. For organizations that want something less risky, there is the option of starting a no money down fundraiser.

Research the Internet for no money down fundraiser companies. There are many no money down fundraisers available to most organizations, including cookie dough, candle, coupon book and magazine sales. Choose around five to 10 companies that appear to be a good fit for your organization and request more information through their online forms or by contacting a company representative.

Decide which company to work with. Look over all the informative materials you received from the fundraiser companies and discuss the pros and cons of each with those who will participate with the fundraiser. Some things to consider include the profit margin, incentive programs, product quality and shipping costs.

Commit to the fundraiser. Decide on the best dates to do your fundraiser and contact your top choice fundraiser company. Let the company representative know you are ready to raise funds with their assistance. Follow the company representative's instructions to get your fundraiser off to the best start.