Most organizations need to conduct fundraisers eventually, but finding a unique fundraiser that draw in a crowd can be difficult. The standard bake sales and car washes work for some organizations, but others need to raise large amounts of money. Hosting a car show as a fundraiser is a good way to raise money, but also to raise awareness for an organization.

Choose a theme for the car show. The focus can be on classic cars, low riders, luxury cars or creatively decorated cars.

Decide on a purpose for the car show---this is what draws people to the event. For example, a social service organization would host a car show to raise money for a community service project.

Organize a car show committee---this ensures that all the work of planning and executing the fundraiser isn't placed on one or two people. You should have the following: a chairman to provide direction for the planning of the car show; a treasurer that controls spending, plans a budget, and tracks the funds that are raised; a publicity chair or media organizer, who is responsible for getting the word out about the car show to local media and the community; a sponsorship coordinator, whose aim is to secure cash and in-kind sponsorships from local companies to keep the group's expenses to a minimum. Recruit volunteers to ensure the car show runs smoothly.

Plan a schedule of weekly meetings with your car show committee---invite all members of your organization to attend so that they can stay in the know and contribute ideas.

Secure a venue for the car show fundraiser. The sponsorship chair should try to find a venue to host the event for free or at a discount if at all possible.

Distribute entry information about the car show to local car clubs, car dealerships, college campuses and auto accessories stores---ask permission before posting or leaving fliers. Print out simple fliers with contact and entry information to keep your expenses low.

Launch an informational blog or website about the car show fundraiser so that entrants, potential sponsors and people interested in attending can find out the purpose, location and time information for the show easily.

Hold a meeting with your committee and volunteers at least two days before the car show to ensure everyone knows their roles, when to be at the venue and who to contact if they need any help during the show.


Your organization should set aside at least 2 months to plan your car show fundraiser.